Data Model

Based on the analysis of business requirements and data sources, we mentor the implementation team on data warehouse modelling.

Scope of service

Based on our experience of data modeling and IT project management for the implementation of information systems from scratch in the largest banks in Europe and the CIS, we organize the modeling process for both the atomic data model and dimensional data model.

At the implementation stage, we provide the following services:
— Business analysis of requirements: if they were set by an external team of consultants;
— Data model: based on a business analysis of requirements and data analysis of sources, we mentor the implementation team on data modeling;
— Project quality: we conduct a regular quality and risk assessment of project.

We work at the implementation phase with the sponsor and project manager, key business customers and reporting users, as well as with an internal and external implementation teams, including data analysts and data source developers.

We involve the main business users and source owners in the modeling process at the early stages in order to mitigate a possible resistance to changes in the testing and post-project phase.

In addition, we train the implementation team and owners of data sources to model data together, which allows us quickly identify the essence of data problems, agree on alternative solutions, adjust the project plan and effectively manage changes in business requirements, if necessary. The scope of service to create a conceptual and logical data model includes:

Macro design or creation of a conceptual data model:
— Analysis of business requirements of users;
— Macro design of the system of records or atomic data model;
— Macro design of the data marts or dimensional data model;
— Analysis of the data model and main business objects in the sources;
— Logical mapping Source to Target;
— Identification of data gaps in sources;
— Analysis of data quality in sources.

Adjustment of the detailed development plan:
— Correction of the project budget;
— Changes in the business requirements;
— Preparation of a final detailed work plan.

Micro-design stage:
— Adjustment of the conceptual model;
— Creation of a logical atomic data model;
— Creation of a logical dimensional model;
— Technical mapping of entities in sources to atomic data model (Source to Target)


As a part of the implementation project, we help to:
— Organize the process of business and data analysis as well as data modelling;
— Create a data model together with the implementation team;
— Guarantee the quality of project management;
— Implement of scope within the time frame, budget and at the proper level of quality.

Based on the results of each quarter, we prepare for the steering committee and sponsor:
— Report with recommendations on the project quality assurance;
— Report on progress regarding data modeling;
— Presentation of the main risks and overall project status.