Project organization

Consulting is based on practical experience of the implementation of data warehouses and information systems in Europe and the CIS.

Scope of service

After the diagnostic and preparation of business requirements, we provide  recommendations on the organization of the project and prepare a detailed implementation plan based on the identified limitations and risks. At this stage, we conduct a workshop for top managers as well as members of the implementation team.

We introduce to participants the implementation methodology and the future architecture of information systems. Participants get acquainted with the typical reporting structure, understand the relationship between the strategy, business model and data model of the organization, realize its impact on the IT-architecture. The main topics of the workshop are presented below.

The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate the key stages, milestones and results of the project, fixed the roles and responsibilities of key participants, and also to recognize success factors in the implementation of data warehouses and information systems.

Strategy and business model of an organization:
— Business model and IT-architecture;
— Business model and organization;
— IT-architecture components;
— Data sources;
— Data warehouse;
— Reporting system and Business Intelligence, BI;
— Financial and technical applications.

Sales reports, CRM and marketing:
— Sales volumes, revenues and commissions;
— Key Balanced Indicators of client segments and sales channels;
— Analysis of customer loyalty, cross-sales, advertising campaigns.
Financial statements:
— Statement of Financial Position;
— Income statement;
— Cash flow statement;
— Statement of changes in equity.
Management accounting reporting (plan / fact):
— Profitability of sales channels;
— Profitability of client segments;
— Profitability of products;
— Risk management reporting (for banks);
— Reporting on credit, market and operational risks.
Introduction of data warehouse model:
— Conceptual model and basic concepts;
— Atomic data model or System of Records;
— Dimensional data model or cube data marts.

Implementation Project:
— Organization of management information system unit (MIS);
— Project management methodologies: Waterfall versus Agile;
— Project budget;
— Requirements to the project implementation team;
— Selection of team members and fixing their roles and responsibilities;
— External or internal project management.
Preparation of a work plan:
— Macro-design;
— Micro-design;
— Development;
— Testing;
— Production.


At the completion of this stage we provide:
— Adjusted project plan including the main milestones and results;
— Assessment of gaps in human resources of the implementation team;
— The budget of capital investments and expenses of the period;
— Workshop training materials.