Marketing and Sales

The course is based on MBA programs of European universities and the work experience in international EU projects.


Commercial directors, marketing managers, top managers of the main business areas, sales network managers, who want to systematize knowledge in the field of creating a successful marketing strategy and organizing an effective sales network.

About course

The training summarizes our experience in the management consulting within European Union assistance project to CIS banks, as well as materials of MBA programs of European universities.

Course program

Introduction to marketing function:
— The evolution of marketing;
— New rules of the game.

Know Your Customers:
— Avatar or description of the client profile;
— Customer problems;
— Customer needs.

Marketing Mix or Marketing Mix:
— Unique competitive offer;
— 4P and 8P concepts for goods and services.

Organization of marketing and sales:
— Market size and demand trends;
— Analysis of customers, needs and complaints;
— Analysis of competitors;
— Organization and support of a sales network.

Marketing Strategy and Positioning:
— Marketing promotion plan;
— Teasers for the advertising unit;
— On-line & Digital Marketing.

Commercial reporting for business:
— Business model and commercial reporting;
— Customer segmentation;
— Profitability of products;
— Profitability of channels;
— Analysis of the success of marketing companies;
— Control of marketing costs;
— Sales managers performance and bonuses.


The course participants identify the main gaps in the commercial function of their organization, understand the business model of own organization and get knowledge for building a integrated information system for commercial reporting.