Employees motivation

We help to create goals and motivation based on awareness of the meaning of work and contribution to the organization.


This training was designed for top managers, directors of HR function, project managers and everyone, who wants to increase their own effectiveness, build an individual strategic career map, get an impulse for the personal development, career achievements and financial independence.

About course

We uses in this training the concepts of strategic management, including a balanced scorecard and strategy maps introduced by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, professors at Harvard Business School. We adapted their approach for developing an individual career strategy. In addition, the training based on logotherapy or meaning therapy, developed by Victor Frankl, the founder of “The third Vienna School of Psychotherapy”. The training also includes elements of professional individuation process according to Karl G. Jung.

Course program

Analysis of the current situation:
— Assessment of professional satisfaction;
— Current professional scenario;
— Professional self-individuation;
— Values ​​and beliefs;
— A mental and behavioral pattern;
— Current level of motivation.

Choosing a new scenario:
— Analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses;
— Analysis of opportunities and threats;
— The choice of strategic professional goals;
— Test goals by neurological levels by Robert Dilts;
— New value priorities or goals adjustment.

Individual career strategy map:
— Understanding of sense of work;
— Vision of personal contribution to the organization;
— Awareness of vocation and professional identity;
— Necessary skills, knowledge and needed professional environment;
— Working by own on blocks and fears;
— Motivation and energy;
— Individual tactical plan;
— Daily action plan: small steps to big goals;
— Personal efficiency and time management.