Strategy and tactic

A brainstorming and workshop for banks and companies to develop business strategy and tactic as well as fix business model.


Owners and top managers of companies and banks, who wants to systematize knowledge in the field of strategic management and wants to create a consistent strategy and tactical plans for their organization.

About course

In the training is based on the concepts of “Balanced Scorecard” and “Strategy Maps”, introduced in 1996 by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, professors at Harvard Business School.

The training summarizes our the experience of business consulting within international assistance projects to CIS banks supported by the European Union, as well as our own practical experience as a top manager, project manager and a member of the project management and technology committee of a large bank.

Course program

Key components of strategic planning process:
— Vision, values, mission;
— Market analysis, marketing research, focus groups;
— SWOT analysis;
— Business strategy;
— Customer segmentation;
— Product offer;
— Sales channels;
— Business model;
— Main strategic goals and business goals;
— Goals testing and financial modeling.

Key Perspectives of Strategy Maps:
— Client strategy;
— Finance;
— IT, processes and organization;
— Human capital, learning and growth.

Balanced scorecards of an organization:
— Key financial indicators;
— Key non-financial indicators.

Tactical planning:
Linking strategic goals with resources;
— Marketing promotion plan;
— Financial plan and budgeting process;
— Monitoring and reporting.


As a result of our work, the board will form a coordinated strategy maps and balanced indicators for the organization as a whole, as well as understand the process of creating and coordinating strategy maps for the main business areas and sales channels.

In addition, the training will help build up a business model of an organization, which will become the basis for the formation of integrated management reporting and management information system.