Effective teams

Creation of effective teams and success factors in project management, introduction to group dynamics and conflict resolution.


Owners, directors, top managers, project managers, directors of human resources departments, who want to understand the principles of forming effective teams and increase the efficiency of teams in their organizations.

 About course

The training was developed on Integrative Outdoor Activities, the concept developed by Vienna University professors, which implies training through gaming. In addition, we included in the training Victor Frankl’s logotherapy methods, elements of neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology.

Course program

Effective teams:
— The main models in group behavior;
— Role model in the group;
— Stages of group development;
— Model of cooperation 6C.

Communications and influence:
— Management styles;
— Information transfer: to whom? what? when? how? what for?;
— Acceptance and ability to put oneself in the place of others;
— Socratic dialogue;
— Winning strategies and rules of assertiveness.

Agile as a management method in IT projects:
— Manifesto and principles;
— Scram and the role of the scrum master;
— Sprint, demo and retro.

Awareness of own management style:
—  A mental and behavioral pattern;
— Encouragement or punishment;
— Meaning and vision;
— Values ​​and beliefs;
— Energy and motivation.

Group dynamic games:
— Rules and respect;
— Affiliation and goals;
— Power and influence;
— Responsibility and obligations;
— Trust and control;
— Intimacy and sympathy;
— Energy, motivation and synergy.

Conflict resolution:
— Iceberg model;
— Conflict resolution technique;
— Real cases for working conflicts resolution.