Jeremy Denton-Clark

Director and co-owner of a financial sector consulting company GBRW Limited. London, UK.

I had worked in the banking sector for 46 years, including as the CEO of a UK bank, as well as a member of the Supervisory Council of banks in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. I consider myself a specialist in corporate governance, the organizational restructuring of banks, the treasury and all aspects of risk management. Today I am the director and co-owner of the British consulting company GBRW Ltd., which provides consulting services for the banking and insurance business for the development of small and medium business segments in the African region.

We worked together with Iryna on projects for the reconstruction of Ukrainian banks in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Donetsk, within projects funded by the EU and the EBRD. At that time, she specialized in all matters related to managerial accounting, as well as credit and market risk management. I know, that her knowledge and understanding is much wider, but these are the areas in which we worked together.

Iryna was distinguished by providing strong and well-thought-out presentations to top managers of banks on the main methods and models of managerial accounting and risk management. I would refer her to the number of top-level consultants, with whom I worked over the past 15 years, and I will be more than happy to work with her again.

She has good analytical skills. Her work with commercial banks has demonstrated her ability to find solutions in difficult situations, as well as her ability to apply western risk management practices in local conditions. She held particularly interesting seminars and workshops on transfer pricing and risk modeling, demonstrating a good understanding of key banking management concepts. She always sought to learn more and did a great job to develop her own ideas about transfer pricing and risk management methods in emerging markets.

In addition, Iryna has excellent communication skills and very professionally applies her knowledge analyzing complex situations in banks. She had provided supporting arguments that were clear and convincing.

In terms of personality, she is a disciplined and pleasant person. In terms of the quantity and quality of its recommendations, it goes far beyond the requirements for work, showing great personal motivation. She knows how to combine the best world practices with local realities, deeply understanding the situation in Ukraine. In my opinion, Iryna is an exceptional candidate for an independent consultant or for a member of the Supervisory Board of any bank.