Eugene McCooey

Senior Consultant, IBM Industry Assets & Models. Dublin, Ireland.

For over 30 years I have been working as a senior consultant and practitioner in banking Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing delivering leading practices of information, data and process management for a global base of customers.

My role is a consulting assistance in complex, international projects of data warehouses and BI implementation at all stages of the project life cycle from design to implementation, while ensuring and maintaining the quality of project management. For sixteen years I had been working as an IBM Lead Consultant for the IBM Industry Assets and Models Group.

I have known Mrs Romanenko professionally since 2011, when she visited our IBM office in Dublin within the delegation of top-executives from the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, who were interested in IBM Banking Data Warehouse model (IBM BDW) and IBM InfoSphere Information Server tools. After this visit I was invited as a Lead Consultant for the knowledge transfer and the quality assurance of IBM BDW project at the State Savings Bank of Ukraine.

As the deputy CFO, Iryna was the main ideologist and leader of IBM Banking Data Warehouse implementation in her bank. She was actively involved in all aspects of this work including main stakeholders’ involvement, business requirements’ definition, project planning, project implementation and production. She managed to implement IBM BDW within a short time frame, with the clear scope of work and within the fixed budget.

Moreover, she managed to demonstrate to all important stakeholders a “quick win”, which is really important from the project management point of view in such a big, and complex projects. The State Savings Bank of Ukraine has been included in the list of IBM’s successful projects since 2013. The IBM clients from all over the world are interested in the experience of IBM BDW implementation in Ukraine.

Iryna is always ready to share her experience with other bankers, who are just starting such projects. She was a regular and valuable speaker at IBM international conferences, where she represented the State Saving Bank of Ukraine, and Erste Group Bank AG.

Mrs Romanenko is a bright and pleasant personality. Her presentations are clear, concise and always provide valuable lessons learned during the data warehouse implementation projects, as well as a post-project implementation experiences, including data governance, data quality, meta-data management, etc.